The Three Pillars of The Epeians

  • Leadership: The primary goal of the Epeians is to help leaders within the College of Engineering become more efficient and effective. This is done through informative meetings, increasing resource awareness, and developing a network among members

  • Community: The second goal of the Epeians is to foster inter-society communications and activities. Epeians meetings are to serve as a forum for leaders from all societies to meet socially and coordinate activities, service and social, between their societies.

  • Recognition: The third and final goal of the Epeians is to recognize and honor Engineering students that have demonstrated leadership skills. These skills may be demonstrated in Engineering societies, community service societies or academic societies.


The Epeians was founded in November of 1986 by two engineering student leaders who saw the need for a strong link between student leaders and between the student societies. The purposes they based the new organization on were to recognize a diverse group of student leaders for their dedication and service to the College of Engineering, and to provide an informal, social setting to share the problems and ideas that they came across from day to day. Their hope was that this communication would strengthen not only the leaders themselves, but also the societies they represented and the college community as a whole.

With the help of the College of Engineering administration, a constitution was created and accepted in March of 1987, taking effect in May of 1987. The charter class was initiated at this time.

In 1988, the purpose of the Epeians was defined by its members to include fostering leadership skills among up-and-coming student leaders. The hope was that, through interaction with current leaders, the new leaders would be more prepared as they took positions of responsibility as representatives of the engineering student body through their societies and organization.