The Epeians Engineering Leadership Honor Society at the University of Michigan is a unique organization that brings together engineering leaders on campus to create a network of exceptional people. The Epeians strive to develop emerging leaders within the college, foster engineering organization collaboration as well as recognize those that have demonstrated excellence in leadership. If you are interested in supporting the Epeians or a specific event please email Kelly at or you can donate below.

Upcoming meetings

  • Speed Networking: This event helps active members and initiates get to know leaders in other organizations in an informal networking event.

  • SWOT: Leaders from around the college share their experiences and best practices to help all organizations better serve the college and to improve their experience as leaders.

  • Society Trivia: Members test their knowledge of other engineering organizations on campus.

  • Scavenger Hunt: Initiates bond over a scavenger hunt around campus.

  • Kratiea: An annual event in the college hosted and organized by The Epeians. Krateia seeks to provide students from around campus with an opporunity to learn about a variety of topics central to leadership both on campus and post-graduation.

In addition to our regular meetings, The Epeians host a number of social events to promote camaraderie and networking among our members and service events the benefit the college and community. For more information feel free to email

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